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Healthcard helps users collect all relevant health data in one place automatically from different systems and make actual use of it. Healthcard is an enabler of the fundamental changes required for healthcare to be more focused on prevention than treatment.

Persons health

Studies have shown that nonmedical factors account for 80% of a person’s health, and the remaining 20% is determined by medical care and our genes.
Non-medical factors



Medical care



For End-Users

It helps easily keep track of health data. Users can use the composite health score and guidance on healthy behaviours to modify their lifestyle, reducing the need to visit a doctor. It helps users notice the first signs of ill health and disease.

For Organisation

It provides employers with a tool to enable personalized occupational health programs, optimise the workplace, reduce employees’ sickness days, and increase the productivity of the workforce by helping employees stay well for longer. Dashboard for business customer illustrate how your company is doing today and trends for the future.

For Health ProfesSionals

It is easy to use, providing a single repository for multiple measures of general health information for an individual, avoiding the need for multiple apps.

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